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PostSubject: THE RULES!!! BWAHAHAHA!   Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:27 pm

Ok people,we make this simple. Fallow these rules as close as you can and no one gets hurt!


Activity means that when you are on you participate in RP and interact with other members. If you will let someone know why you cannot be on in an extended period of time (preferably to me) you will not be booted. We know real life comes first here.


All members should practice common courtesy to each other. Please refrain from overly excessive profanity and lewd behavior in voice & in game chat along with posts to this forum. Please do not scam members.

Now that being said, in game you can cuss. What I meant earlier is don't come into the rp and just start shouting out "Fuck fuck ass cunt bitch mother fucker" and so on and so forth. Everyone is pretty laid back. Resist comments or puns are not tolerated.

Now go and play nice! tongue
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